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First, ownership and operation of the site terms of service recognition and acceptance of the electronic services of the site owned by the site. Services provided by this site will be strictly enforced in accordance with its published terms of service and operating rules. Users agree to all services Terms of Service and complete the registration process in order to become an official user site. User Confirmation: The terms of the agreement dealing with the rights and obligations of both parties agreed, unless the violation of national mandatory law, otherwise always effective. With the lower orders , You also acknowledge that you have purchased these products legal capacity and capability, and will be responsible for the authenticity of all information you provide in your order.

Second, service Site using its own operating system by Internet to provide users with network services. At the same time, users must: (1) access to the Internet with the necessary equipment, including personal computer, modem or other access devices necessary. (2) their own with this service and the phone charges, Internet access fees paid by individuals. The importance of this site to provide network-based services, users should agree (1) to provide detailed and accurate personal information. (2) update registration information, with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. Site does not disclose the name, address, e-mail and pen name, with the following exceptions: (1) users authorized to disclose the information. (2) the appropriate legal and procedural requirements of this site to provide users of personal data.

Third, the price and the number of site will do its utmost to ensure that your purchase is consistent with the website on commodity prices. Product prices and availability are at the site On specified, such information will be subject to change. Your ordered goods, if out of stock occurs, you have the right to cancel the order.

Fourth, the cost of delivery and the site will bring products to your specified delivery address. All are listed on the site Delivery time as a reference time, the reference time is calculated based on availability, normal processing and delivery time, delivery location basis of an estimate based on. Shipping costs depending on your choice of distribution methods varies. Please clearly and accurately fill out your real name, shipping address and contact information. Due to the following situations delay or failure caused orders and distribution, this site will not delay the distribution of responsibilities: (1) does not provide customer information and detailed error address; (2) No sign for the goods delivered, the resulting duplication of distribution costs arising from and related consequences. (3) force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden war.

Fifth, modify the Terms of Service Site may from time to time to amend the relevant provisions of this User Agreement, once the terms and services fluctuates, Site will be prompted to modify the content on the important page.

Six, user privacy system Respect user privacy is a basic policy of this site. So, as people registered for the second point above supplementary data analysis, this site will not When without legal authority when users open, edit or disclose their registration information and stored in the site's non-disclosure, unless there are legal licensing requirements or site in good faith on the basis of these letters reveal that in the following four conditions are necessary.

Seven, the user's account, password and security Once users register successfully and become legitimate site users, will receive a password and user name. You can always change your password according to the instructions. Users need to be cautious and reasonable Save user name and password. If users find any illegal use of user account or the existence of security vulnerabilities, please immediately notify the site and reported to the police.

Eight, and limit site storage of user information are determined Whether the user's compliance with national laws and regulations and site terms of service rights, if the user violates the provisions of national laws and regulations or the terms of service, this site has the right to interrupt their provision of network services.

Nine, the user Individual users assume management responsibility for the content. Users of the service is based on national laws apply to all site, local laws and international legal standards. Users must follow: It must comply with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations (1) transfer of technical information from outside China. (2) use of network services for illegal purposes. (3) does not interfere with or confusion network services. (4) comply with all network services using network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices. Users must promise not to transmit any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, fear of sex, harmful, vulgar, obscene Dirty and other information. In addition, users can transfer data may abetting acts constitute a crime; Transmission can not contribute to domestic conditions and adverse information relating to national security; not transfer any non-compliance with local laws and regulations, state law Law and international legal information. Unauthorized illegal entry into other computer systems are prohibited. If the user's behavior does not meet the above mentioned terms of service, this site will make an independent judgment to immediately abolish user services account. Users need For their liability in online behavior. If users spread reactionary on this site, pornographic or other violation of state law information, this site may be recorded as evidence of the user's violation of the law.

Ten, Announcements All notices can be transmitted to users through the important pages of notices or e-mail or regular mail. Modify the terms of the user agreement, service changes, or circular will be other important events.

XI Senate Ad planning Users of information published in their promotional materials or participate in ad planning, showcase their products, any such promotions on the site free services, including transport of goods, payment, services, commercial strip Member, guarantees and related description and advertising are only takes place between the corresponding user and advertising vendors.

Twelve, network services network services to define the ownership of the site include: text, software, sound, pictures, The entire contents of video, graphics, advertising; other information on the site to provide users; the entire contents of the e-mail. All these elements by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property ownership laws. Therefore, the user Can only be used at the site and advertisers authorization to the content, but not unauthorized copying, recycled content, or create content-related derivative products of. Site all the article belongs to original author and the site is jointly owned, Anyone need to reprint the article, the original author or the site must obtain authorization.

Thirteen, limitation of liability as a result of force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the site site sales system crash or not work properly leading to online Transaction can not be completed or missing relevant information and records as reasonably possible site will help deal with the aftermath, and strive to make customers from financial loss. Made

XIV, and the law governing the application of this agreement, implementation and interpretation and Dispute settlement should apply the Chinese law. As this site Terms of Service and China contrary to law, then these provisions will be required by law to re-interpret, while other legal provisions are still maintain the user to produce legal effects And impact. The provisions of this Agreement are severable, as any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision may be the remaining provisions shall be enforced deleted. As the two sides to any dispute the contents of this Agreement or its implementation Meeting, the parties shall endeavor to amicably resolve; negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people's court site location.

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