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Return Statement

Lu crystal mall listed products and product models, please check the product information carefully before placing orders. As for their own reasons under the wrong model, rojee mall will not accept return requirements.
After the success of a single user, Lu Jing mall will be in accordance with the order requirements, customers, such as there are other needs, can contact customer service staff directly.

Return the acceptance conditions

1 because of the number of actual receipt, not different, product quality problems to return customers in receipt within two weeks after the return of the application, shall not be accepted.
2 return the product, please be sure to keep the original packaging intact (including packaging, filling and labeling) to ensure that the goods in good condition, the price tag is the only credentials coordination of return, if lost, will not be returned.
3 as a result of product quality issues to apply for return, the customer need to provide a detailed performance testing report as a basis for negotiation. If necessary, the two sides also need to provide a mutual recognition of the third party testing report.
4 in order to improve the operation efficiency and to avoid return may happen in 14 days after the arrival of the general invoice, shall be issued, 20 per month for the month billing deadline, such as the failure to open, is automatically extended to the next month in the monthly billing, and 25 days before the express mail.
5 have been invoiced in order to return after the application by the need to return the invoice.
Return not to accept the situation
1 the original packing of the product and the label of the goods are damaged.
2 has been on the machine used / tested products.
3 receiving time more than 30 days (in order to express the date of receipt).
4 has been issued invoices lost.
5 customer's own reasons for the wrong order.
Service processing time
As soon as possible to contact customer service, our customer service staff will be accepted within two working days.
You can also call 400-001-4007 or QQ:2851622375 directly to contact customer service, customer service personnel to return our treatment.

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