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Terms of the transaction

If you visit the site or in the shopping mall rojee rojee mall site, or in any actual use and enjoy the Lu Jing mall service indicates that you accept this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with any of the contents of this agreement, you can choose not to use the mall.
This agreement includes the text of the agreement and all rojee mall site may have been released or publish or update the future all kinds of rules, all the rules for the integral part of this agreement, and has the same legal effect as the main body of this agreement. You should read the text of this Agreement carefully and the various kinds of rules for this agreement in bold font, you should focus on reading.
Lu Jing mall site has the right to develop, modify this Agreement and / or all kinds of rules from time to time, and the way to the site publicity notice, no longer a separate notice you. The revised agreement or the future may be released or updated by the rules of the site after the announcement, immediately automatically entered into force. If you do not agree with the relevant amendments, should immediately stop using the Lu Jing mall site services. You continue to use the service on the website of the store, which means that you accept the revised agreement or rules.
One, Lu Jing mall account:
1, the user is registered as a member of the user when the information should be true, complete and effective, and to ensure that the mall can pass the information and the user contact me. At the same time, the user also has the obligation to update the registration information in a timely manner when the relevant information is changed.
In 2, after successful registration, rojee mall will launch an account for each user, as the sole identity using rojee mall service, users should keep the account username and password, and responsibility for all activities that occur in the account and password under. Users shall not be in any form of transfer or authorize others to use their own Lu Jing mall account, and do not apply to other accounts in the Shandong crystal Mall for registration and purchase of goods.
3, Lu Jing mall users must be a natural person with full capacity for civil conduct, or a legitimate business entity organizations. No civil capacity, limited capacity for civil conduct and no business or specific business qualification the organization shall not be registered as rojee mall users or exceed the scope of civil rights or legal capacity and rojee mall transactions, such as transactions with rojee mall, this agreement will be invalid from the beginning, rojee mall has taken off order, freeze or close the account and refuse to provide services and other measures of rights, causing losses to rojee mall, users should bear the liability.
Two, the user's rights and obligations
1, users have the right according to the agreement, the relevant rules issued and rojee mall site in rojee mall website commodity information, order specific goods, published relevant activities experience, participate in the commercial discussion, invite concerned friends, in rojee Mall (if applicable), and enjoy other services of Shandong crystal mall offers.
2, the user should ensure that in the course of the purchase of goods in the process of buying a product at the site of the Shandong grain store to comply with the principle of good faith, do not disrupt the normal order of online transactions.
3, the user has the right to freedom of speech, and has the right to modify, delete the right to publish their own articles.
4, the user shall not be published in the city of Shandong crystal contains the following contents of the speech:
To oppose the basic principles established by the constitution, to incite, resist, and undermine the Constitution and the implementation of laws and administrative rules and regulations;
Incitement to subvert state power, overthrow the socialist system, incite, and split the country, and undermine the unity of the state;
Damage to the national honor and interests;
To incite ethnic hatred or discrimination, undermining national unity;
It contains any gender, religion, race, geographical discrimination etc.;
The fabrication or distortion of facts, spread rumors, disturbs social order;
The feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, cults, gambling, violence, murder, terror, abetting crime;
If an affront others or fabricating facts to slander others, or other malicious attacks;
To damage the reputation of state organs;
The violation of the Constitution and other laws and administrative regulations.
5, without the consent of the city of Lu Jing ban users in the store on the site to publish any form of advertising.
Three, trading principles
The customer has the obligation to abide by the following terms and conditions while receiving the order and delivery of the goods. Lu Jing mall reserves the right to modify these terms without notice. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before you order the goods in the store or accept the delivery.
(a) due to the unpredictable price fluctuations, the price at the time of payment is the standard;
(two) please clearly and accurately fill out your real name, delivery address and contact information, because the following conditions caused by the delay or not distribution, Lu Jing mall will not assume responsibility;
1 the customer provides the wrong information and the address is not detailed;
2 no sign of the goods delivered, resulting in the cost of duplication of distribution and related consequences;
3 force majeure, such as natural disasters, traffic control, war and other emergencies.
(three) safety
Whether you are ordering goods or online ordering goods, we will guarantee the security of transaction information.
(four) the right to privacy
Rojee mall respect your privacy, in any case, we will not sell your personal information and order or disclose to any third party (except the transfer of state judicial organs). All the customer information we get from our website or on the phone is only used to process your order.

(five) Disclaimer
For reasons of force majeure or other rojee cannot control the mall platform sales system crash or not the normal use of leading online transactions can not be completed or missing information, records and so on, rojee mall will be reasonable as far as possible to help deal with the aftermath, and strive to make customers from the economic losses.
(six) customer supervision
Lu Jing mall hope that through unremitting efforts to provide customers with the best service, we are in the process of providing services to customers to accept the supervision of the customer.
(seven) dispute resolution
If there is any dispute between the customer and the city of Lu Jing, can be resolved according to the agreement or relevant laws identified by both parties at that time.

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