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Payment Security

We provide you with a variety of settlement, you can choose according to their own situation in a convenient way to pay the purchase price.
The largest online payment platform, through the Alipay platform, pay for your order, which is safe and reliable.
Bank transfer
Payment by bank counter remittance to the account of the city of Lu Jing, the remittance information is as follows:
Company name: Ji'nan Lu Jing Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Bank: Bank of Ji'nan Development Zone Branch
Bank account: 160216021900002093
Note: Please note in the remittance of the specified order number and your name (very important!).
Payment security
1) provide rojee mall online payment platform: Alipay is the largest online payment platform, provides a multilayered security strategy, such as: password authentication, provide landing and payment double password protection for your mobile phone, and provides a dynamic password, digital certificate, payment shield enhanced authentication mechanism; to prevent the account password trojan virus program or steal, provides password security controls, the security controls to achieve the encryption transmission based on SSL; the key information about the user's encrypted complex again, can effectively prevent the Trojans intercepted keyboard record.
2) if you choose a bank transfer payment, please keep your remittance, remittance voucher, if after a period of time, the order has not been received, please contact the customer service center, customer service personnel according to the remittance query information provided by you.
Customer service hotline: 400-001-4007
Customer service QQ:2851622375

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