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Free Sample Application Instructions

First, why should apply for the sample?
In product design, sample selection is a very important work. My company's brand of the samples provided by the samples of its clear characteristics, good consistency, can allow customers in the product design stage to get more quality assurance, thus greatly shorten the product development cycle. At the same time, to avoid the product in the initial design and mass production, due to the parameters of the components are inconsistent and lead to changes in design or procurement difficulties.
Two, how to apply for free samples?
1 in the city where the success of the registration of the city, becoming a member of the Shandong crystal mall can apply for free samples;
2 this mall is provided with a sample free application area, update the sample type, if you need to immediately click "for free", if you need other models can contact with our customer service 400-001-4007; if you need a detailed understanding of the product characteristics can click to view its detailed product specification parameters; if you want to know whether it suits your requirement or technical problems, please call 0531-88726829 with our technical support.
Three, you can also choose small quantities of online trading services.
At present, the on-line store has more than 10000 kinds of product specifications, product covers two or three patch Transistor, plug two or three transistor, rectifier, voltage regulator circuit, MOS tube, LED lighting, semiconductor packaging materials and so on, convenient for customers to purchase, online trading concessions, welcome to buy online!

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