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Customers must-read

1.How to order goods?
You can first browse our website to understand the goods. See your satisfaction of the goods you can directly on our website to add to the shopping cart, and then under the order can be.
Why choose to buy in the store?
Professional semiconductor two, transistor, because the focus, so professional!
We have 7 days unconditional return. Bought is not satisfied, can change. Bought a problem, you can retreat!
We offer order service. If the stock is not enough, we offer the order service.
We support retail. Solve sample purchasing problem, support retail, a dollar to sell.
2.All of the products are only on the site to buy?
A: at present, the mall to find all the goods can be purchased, if it is in stock, we can ship the basic day. If there is no spot, we can customize according to your needs, delivery cycle can be directly linked to customer service.
Why do you want to register a member?
Only registered users can order online, enjoy preferential prices.
Only registered users can log in "member center", use more members shopping function, manage their own information.
Only registered users will be possible to obtain our gifts or cash coupons.
3.Forgot the password how to do?
When you forget the password, please login registration page, click on "forget the password", the system will automatically your password to tell you through email, you can log on "member center" to change the password to ensure that your interests.

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